5 Hilarious Excuses for Not Exercising

Hey everyone. Friday is here again. As I mentioned last Friday I was having a bit of an off day. This Friday was different and I managed to get to the gym and complete my workout with no motivation problems whatsoever. However, it got me thinking about the excuses some people use to avoid exercise. There are literally so many that I could probably use what I have heard to start a new ‘Exercise Excuses Blog’. A lot of the excuses people use are pretty standard e.g. “I am too tired to exercise” or “I am too busy to workout” but some of the excuses are much more unique. Since it is a Friday and everyone enjoys a giggle after a long, hard week I have for you today five of the most ridiculous exercise excuses I have ever heard plus a bonus exercise excuses video above.

1) I AM ALREADY THIN SO IF I EXERCISE I WILL WASTE AWAY:- Yes just like alien abduction there are also some people who claim that they have wasted away as a result of exercising. Quite how they managed to make these claims after wasting away is beyond me but apparently they have.

2) I DO NOT NEED TO EXERCISE BECAUSE MY FAVOURITE TV SHOW IS CELEBRITY FIT CLUB:- Just seeing all those celebrities exercising is enough to make anyone break into a sweat. If you combine this with lifting up the remote and making regular trips to the kitchen and bathroom during the commercial break you have the ultimate workout plan.

3) I ALREADY GET MY DAILY EXERCISE BY WALKING TO THE DONUT SHOP:- Yes, ladies and gentleman new research has suggested that you will burn away those 1000+ calories contained in a pack of donuts in 10 simple minutes just by walking to your donut shop. Plus, the more sugar you get on the donuts the more calories you can burn.

4) I EXERCISE IN THE OFFICE BY SWIVELLING ON MY COMPUTER CHAIR, TYPING AND CLICKING MY MOUSE:- If this is you then there is no need to exercise at all. This highly intense office workout must be burning at least 5 additional calories per day. Combine it with the workout discussed in point number two and you are on your way to becoming a perfect fitness specimen.

5) I CANNOT EXERCISE BECAUSE THE NIKE AIR TRAINERS I NEED COST £150:- Very good point. I have difficulty walking without having a pair of expensive trainers strapped to my feet. It is far, far too risky to attempt any physical activity until you can afford the adequate gear.

If you have not gathered already this article has been sprinkled with a heavy dose of humour and sarcasm. You can read even more funny exercise excuses by clicking here.

However, there is a serious point behind this article. If you want to become fitter and healthier or lose weight, you will need to ditch the excuses and start exercising. Diet is one half of the equation but exercise is essential too. Do whatever it takes to avoid the excuses and start exercising whether that be making a dedicated exercise plan, finding a workout partner or even budgeting for a gym membership. Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the humor. great post!!!


    Tom Reply:

    Cheers Heidi. I’ve not had the time to update my blog as often as I would like to recently but these are the type of posts I really miss writing. This weekend I am going to go on a writing mission and make sure that I have a few posts ready for next week.


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