10 Healthy Halloween Recipes From Around The Web

10 Healthy Halloween Recipes From Around The Web

During the month of October I’ve been doing a number of posts containing healthy Halloween recipes. Today I’m going to be expanding the scope of these posts beyond Free Fitness Tips and sharing with you 10 Healthy Halloween Recipes From Around The Web. Each one of these recipes has a suitably spooky design and is much better for you than the vast majority of Halloween treats.

1) Monster Mash Smoothie From FoodGawker.com

Monster Mash SmoothieImage Source: FoodGawker.com

This Monster Mash Smoothie recipe has a sweet, satisfying taste, is made using all natural ingredients and is sure to satisfy your thirst.

Click Here For The Full Monster Mash Smoothie Recipe

2) DIY Ghost Fruit For Halloween From TheKitchn.com

DIY Ghost Fruit For HalloweenImage Source: TheKitchn.com

This DIY Ghost Fruit For Halloween recipe allows you to replicate the Halloween themed, chocolate covered fruits you see in shops around this time of year at a fraction of the cost.

Click Here For The Full DIY Ghost Fruit For Halloween Recipe

3) Herbal Green Monster From OhSheGlows.com

Herbal Green MonsterImage Source: OhSheGlows.com

This Herbal Green Monster recipe is packed full of parsley, wheatgrass and more. Plus, it has a suitably monstrous appearance.

Click Here For The Full Herbal Green Monster Recipe

4) Ham & Almond Fingers From SuperHealthyKids.com

Ham & Almond FingersImage Source: SuperHealthyKids.com

This Ham & Almond Finger recipe takes finger food quite literally and uses ham and almonds to create a frighteningly realistic spooky snack.

Click Here For The Full Ham & Almond Finger Recipe

5) Banana Ghost From Snack-Girl.com

Banana GhostImage Source: Snack-Girl.com

This Banana Ghost recipe is simple but satisfying and provides you with a sweet treat that contains lots of nutrients but minimal calories.

Click Here For The Full Banana Ghost Recipe

6) Roasted Paleo Pumpkin Soup From AgainstAllGrain.com

Roasted Paleo Pumpkin Soup RecipeImage Source: AgainstAllGrain.com

This Roasted Paleo Pumpkin Soup recipe is perfect for people who are following a paleo or gluten free diet and is a great way to warm up on Halloween night.

Click Here For The Full Roasted Paleo Pumpkin Soup Recipe

7) Healthy Halloween Orange Happy Faces From MuffinTinMom.com

Healthy Halloween Orange Happy FacesImage Source: MuffinTinMom.com

This Healthy Halloween Orange Happy Faces recipe turns regular oranges into a fun, sweet Halloween snack and takes just minutes to prepare.

Click Here For The Full Healthy Halloween Orange Happy Faces Recipe

8) Fruit Snack O’Lantern For Halloween From FriedaLovesBread.com

Fruit Snack O'Lantern For HalloweenImage Source: FriedaLovesBread.com

This Fruit Snack O’Lantern For Halloween recipe includes a range of different fruits and has a pleasing juicy flavour.

Click Here For The Full Fruit Snack O’Lantern For Halloween Recipe

9) Almond, Apple & Peanut Butter Vampire Treats From PartyBluPrintsBlog.com

Almond, Apple & Peanut Butter Vampire TreatsImage Source: PartyBluPrintsBlog.com

This Almond, Apple & Peanut Butter Vampire Treats recipe combines savoury and sweet ingredients for a satisfying, filling Halloween treat.

Click Here For The Full Almond, Apple & Peanut Butter Vampire Treats Recipe

10) Carrot Rice Ball Mini-Jack O’Lanterns From ApronStringsBlog.com

Carrot Rice Ball Mini-Jack O’LanternsImage Source: ApronStringsBlog.com

This Carrot Rice Ball Mini-Jack O’Lanterns recipe allows you to create an eye catching, savoury snack that’s sure to impress all your Halloween party guests.

Click Here For The Full Carrot Rice Ball Mini-Jack O’Lanterns Recipe


I hope you’ve enjoyed these healthy Halloween recipes from around the web, Whether you’re after a spooky savoury snack or a sweet treat, there’s plenty for you to enjoy here. Once you’ve tried out some of these recipes, make sure you come back and let me know how they were for you. Also, if you enjoyed reading this post, please Like It+1 ItPin It or Tweet It by using the social sharing buttons above or below, so that as many people as possible can enjoy these healthy Halloween recipes :).

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