Understanding Power Napping and Its Benefits

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Hello everyone. Today’s article is a guest post from Christine who is a freelance writer and self proclaimed fitness freak.


When 3 o’clock rolls around you may quickly find yourself yawning and desperately wanting a nap. You unwillingly push the thought from your mind and trek on with your day wishing you had time to get in that much needed power nap. Perhaps you should rethink your decision. Power napping, if done right, can be very beneficial.

What Is Power Napping?

A power nap is a small nap during the day that doesn’t involve falling into a deep sleep. It is one in which your body is not allowed to go through the different stages of the sleep cycle. For most people, a power nap should be between 15-30 minutes a day. The longer you sleep, the less beneficial the power nap will be. In fact, sleeping longer can actually increase your sleepiness and affect your sleep pattern at night. A long nap should not be taken unless you can fully complete the sleep cycle but since most people do not have time for this, power naps are highly recommended.

What Are The Benefits?

Power napping is great for your body and can have many benefits. Below is a list of reason why you may want to consider adding a daily power nap to your schedule.

1) A Better Mood:- Sleepiness can quickly bring on a change of mood. To enhance your mood during the day consider taking a short power nap to get your spirits back up.

2) More Energy:- Re-energize your body by taking a short nap.

3) Patience:- Those who take power naps during the day report that they have more patience. Being tired and sleepy can cause your patience to wear thin.

4) Productivity:- Sleepiness can greatly affect your ability to be productive. A quick power nap can increase productivity whether you are at work or at home.

5) Better Reaction Time:- If you have ever experienced driving while you were sleepy you are likely to be familiar with the effects it can have on your reaction time. A power nap during the day can actually increase your reaction time and prepare you for what is to come during the rest of your day. If you have a job that requires you to have quick reactions, power napping could greatly improve your performance.

6) Ability To Focus:- When you are tired and worn out focusing is the last thing you want to do. A power nap can greatly increase your ability to focus. Consider power napping before you complete important tasks or projects that require extra attention.

7) Relaxation & Stress Relief:- Nothing soothes stress and relaxes the body like a power nap. If you find that you are becoming overwhelmed by the stress of the day take some time to yourself and nap. Set aside a time each day to de-stress and take a small nap.

8) Better Health:- A rested body is a healthy body. For optimal health you should be sleeping at least 6-8 hours a day and take a small power nap each evening. Once your body is getting the sleep it needs you will see an increase in the overall quality of your health. Sleep your way to good health!

9) Increased Learning:- If you are going to be learning a new task it is advisable to take a power nap beforehand. Because it increases your ability to focus learning will take place more easily.

10) Better Overall Feeling:- Perhaps the best benefit you will receive from power napping is feeling better. Waking up from a power nap will leave you with the feeling that you are ready and willing to conquer the rest of the day.

Adding in a short power nap to your daily schedule can have many benefits. Consider changing your routine to include a 15 to 30 minute nap each day in an effort to beat the common 3 o’clock drain. Don’t fight the urge to close your eyes. Allow yourself to relax and take a break from the day. Set an alarm clock to wake you in so that you don’t fall into a deep sleep. Let the advantages of power napping help you live the healthy, happy life that you deserve.

About the Author:
This article has been written by Christine. Christine is a fitness freak and writes for 1001Shop- a home of specialty products like corner etagere shelves, make up vanity mirror, decorative wall clocks, artificial silk flower, accent tables and lots more.

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  1. Melissa says

    When is the best time to take a nap?


    Tom Reply:

    I don’t think there’s any best time Melissa. I don’t nap that often but when I do, I find between 4pm and 5pm is a good time to nap. That’s usually around the time when my energy levels are flagging and going for a nap gives me a boost for the last few hours of the day.


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