My Fitness & Online Resolutions for 2012

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Hi everyone. It probably seems a little late to be talking about New Year’s resolutions considering it’s almost February. The reason I am only getting round to it now is that I have been super busy working on Best Fitness PLR so unfortunately the time I have to spend on this website is limited.

Over the next few months this trend is probably going to continue as the majority of my time will be focused on building up Best Fitness PLR. You’ll still be getting the same amount of content on Free Fitness Tips but less content will be written by me and more content will be in the form of guest posts. I understand this may be frustrating to regular readers of Free Fitness Tips but rest assured I do plan to return to writing posts for Free Fitness Tips more regularly once Best Fitness PLR is at a level that requires less input from me.

Anyway, the subject of today’s post is my fitness resolutions for 2012. For the last few years I have been setting myself new fitness resolutions and then reviewing how I performed against these resolutions the following year. This originally started out focussing purely on fitness themed resolutions but last year I expanded it to include online resolutions. Going forward I want to make these online resolutions part of this article series because working online has become a really big part of my life. By including them you get a better understanding of my overall goals and what I want to achieve each year.


2011 was a mixed bag for me. I achieved most of my resolutions at some point during the year but it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride…

Resolution 1 – To Hit Over 30,000 Visitors Per Month:

At the end of September 2011 I hit a new traffic record with Free Fitness Tips and received 31,930 unique visitors for the month. Heading in to October 2011 I was on track for another record month. By 13th October I had already received 15,554 unique visitors and my traffic was 15% up month on month.

Unfortunately, on 14th October Google did a pretty major update to their algorithm which hit a lot of sites including mine. Since that update I have received less than 20,000 unique visitors to Free Fitness Tips each month. This month looks like it’s going to be the first one since September where I finally break the 20,000 unique visitors mark.

Whilst I did achieve my goal of 30,000 visitors in a month, the idea behind this goal was to have something to build on so I’m not counting it as a success.

Resolution 2 – To Post New Content Every 3 Days:

In general I was pretty successful with this goal. I did have a few patches during the year where I became too busy and couldn’t commit to posting 3 times a week. However, for the majority of the year I managed to keep up with this posting schedule.

Resolution 3 – To Complete My Nutrient Articles:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful with this goal. I did manage to complete a lot of nutrient articles and now have quite an extensive collection of articles on the macronutrients, the minerals, the vitamins and the phytonutrients. However, there are still many more articles to be added before I box off the topic of nutrients completely.

Resolution 4 – To Provide More Value To My Newsletter Subscribers:

I was a bit inconsistent with this goal over the year. Whilst I did provide newsletter subscribers with more value over the year, some months were a lot better than others. In my best months I sent out weekly updates along with the monthly newsletter. However, in my worst months I failed to send out even the monthly newsletter so there is still a lot of room for improvement here.

Resolution 5 – To Improve My Current Fitness Levels:

This was another goal where I was a bit hit and miss. Some months I was really good with my training and had a consistent routine going. Other months I was so busy with managing my websites that I barely got to the gym at all. I’d say overall my fitness suffered a bit because of this inconsistency.

2011 Summary:

As I said earlier in this article, 2011 was a very mixed bag for me. I achieved 4 of my 5 goals at some point during the year but I was very inconsistent. Whilst certain things were outside my control (for example, there was nothing I could do about the change in the Google algorithm) I could have done better in other areas by being more organised (for example, if I had scheduled in time to write my emails each week then I could have provided newsletter subscribers with regular weekly emails for the full year).


Consistency was the main thing that let me down in 2011. In 2012 I am going to be focusing on this when setting my resolutions and hopefully this will make 2012 my best year yet. Below are my 2012 fitness & online resolutions…

Resolution 1 – To Add A Minimum Of 4 New PLR Products To Best Fitness PLR Each Month

At the moment Best Fitness PLR is still in the very early stages so I am writing product after product and smashing this target of 4 PLR products per month. However, once it has become more established and I step back slightly I still want to make sure that it is providing value to new and existing customers. The best way to do this is by creating a minimum of 4 new PLR products each month.

Resolution 2 – To Continue Posting A Minimum Of 1 New Post Every 3 Days To Free Fitness Tips:

I was pretty happy to achieve this goal in 2011 and it’s something I want to continue doing in 2012. Hopefully, towards the end of the year I can provide you with even more content than this but as a bare minimum I want to be posting a new post every 3 days.

Resolution 3 – To Post To Each Of My Social Profiles At Least Once Every 2 Days:

Social networking sites are becoming increasingly popular and many people are now using them as their main source of news and information. For example, look how many stories broke on Twitter in 2011 before they got picked up by the mainstream media. In 2012 I can only see them growing in importance. Whilst I currently have accounts on Facebook, Google + and Twitter, I don’t use them nearly as much as I should be doing. Therefore, in 2012 I want to make sure that I am posting to each of them at least once every 2 days.

Resolution 4 – To Complete My Nutrient Articles For Free Fitness Tips:

When I set this as a resolution last year I probably bit off a little more than I could chew. Although I didn’t complete these nutrient articles, I made some really good progress. This year I’m pretty confident I can get them boxed off so that will be 1 of my targets for 2012.

Resolution 5 – To Go To The Gym At Least 3 Times A Week:

As I said above, my training in 2011 was a bit hit and miss, particularly towards the back end of the year when I launched Best Fitness PLR. So to sort myself out I need to get back to basics and start going to the gym at least 3 times a week every week – no exceptions. My intention is to go a lot more than this and really ramp up my fitness training. However, even when I am really busy in other areas of my life I want to make sure that as a bare minimum I am hitting the gym 3 times per week.


So there you have it. The above fitness & online resolutions should keep me consistent in 2012 and help me avoid the problems that prevented me from fully achieving my 2011 goals. In summary you can expect the same level of consistent posting, lots more social stuff, lots more products at Best Fitness PLR and hopefully I will finally box off those nutrient articles ;).

Now I want to hear from you guys. Have you made any resolutions for 2012? How successful were you with your resolutions in 2011? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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