Controlling Your Hunger With Protein Shakes

Controlling Your Hunger With Protein Shakes

A key factor in any effective diet is controlling hunger pangs. Once you can control your hunger you have mastered the difficult part. The remainder of the diet should become relatively easy to tolerate. But how do you go about controlling hunger? There are a number of ways but in this article I will focus on how protein shakes can be used to reduce hunger cravings.

Protein shakes are not just rich in protein but most also have a high nutritional value. Studies show that protein can boost your metabolism temporarily and can suppress your appetite. Therefore, by drinking protein shakes you can take advantage of all these benefits without consuming the excess fat associated with many solid protein sources such as beef and cheese.

HOW DO PROTEIN SHAKES WORK?:- A major function of protein is to build and maintain lean muscle mass. However, protein in the form of meat is often more difficult to digest. Solid food proteins can take over an hour to digest and reach the muscles. That’s where protein shakes come in. They take around half an hour to digest and are much easier on the digestive system.

Protein shakes can be consumed after working out to help the body heal and strengthen muscles. Hence, they are very popular with bodybuilders and athletes. However, as discussed earlier in this article protein can also boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. Therefore, you can also drink protein shakes in the morning to rev up your metabolism or during the day to suppress your appetite and continue the calorie burning process.

DRINKING PROTEIN SHAKES FOR DIETING:- When dieting you can use protein shakes to replaces certain daily meals and snacks. For example, if your normal routine involves eating breakfast at 8am and a bag of crisps at 10am you could substitute this bag of crisps for a protein shake and maybe a banana too for some slow release carbohydrates. Not only will this be a much more nutritional snack but it will also stay in your system longer and keep you feeling full for longer.

Although protein shakes are a great dietary supplement you should try to drink a maximum of two per day. It is OK to replace a couple of meals or snacks each day but you do not want to have a diet which consists completely of liquid. Solid foods are still important and contain other important nutrients and carbohydrates that are not found in protein shakes. Plus, most people cannot handle the thought of consuming all their calories in liquid form so it helps to keep you sane. Finally, although increasing your protein intake is a good way to lose weight, excessive protein consumption can be damaging to your body and your health.

Overall, protein shakes are a great way to supplement a healthy diet. They will help your body burn excess calories and keep you satisfied for much longer than a chocolate bar or other sugary snacks. However, remember that protein shakes are a supplement and not a food replacement. They should be used to complement a healthy diet and not consumed in excess.

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  1. Holli Summerville says

    What is the best protein shake powder that you can get that is not high in calories? I will be using this for diet purposes not to body bulding. For certai meal replacements during the day. And where can I get the one you are going to tell me about?

    Thank you,


    Tom Reply:

    Hey Holli – I’ve personally used Instant Whey from Reflex Nutrition for years. That’s a great protein and it’s pretty low in calories. However, I’ve had a quick look on their website for you and they actually have a product called Diet Protein which sounds like it’s exactly what you’re looking for. You can check it out by clicking here. Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.


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