10 Reasons You Should Walk 10 Miles A Week

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Hey everyone.  Today I have a guest post for you from Mary Ward.  Mary operates in the field of nursing and has a website dedicated to helping you get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).  If you want to start a career in nursing I highly recommend you check out Mary’s website after reading her informative article.


Walking is one of the gentlest workouts, yet so very approachable. That’s what makes so many people turn to this form of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and here are some excellent additional benefits.

1) GENTLE ON THE BODY:- Though walking can burn some serious calories, it is also pretty gentle on the body.  So for those wishing to engage in some form of cardio or working through an injury, walking is an excellent activity.

2) ANYBODY CAN DO IT:- It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid workout worshipper or if you’re just starting out.  If you have a lot of weight to lose or just want to keep in shape—walking is great for everyone!  It helps to tone you up, burn some calories and it’s so approachable that anybody can do it.

3) EXCELLENT CARDIO:- If you need to get in your cardio throughout the course of a week but aren’t sure how to do it, turn to walking.  You just don’t realize how much cardio walking can offer, and if you shoot for a goal such as 10 miles a week, you are sure to fill in your cardio requirement.

4) HELPS TO CLEAR YOUR HEAD:- If you maintain a cardio activity such as walking each and every week, it can help not only with your physical health but your mental as well.  Getting out and walking, particularly on a regular basis such as 10 miles a week, can help you to clear your head and focus on your health.  That’s always good for every aspect of well being!

5) GREATLY BENEFITS WEIGHT LOSS EFFORTS:- Many people turn to power walking for big weight loss results—and it really works!  If you make your goal reachable yet something to work for, then you are sure to burn some major calories in the process.  Walking is a great exercise to turn to if you want to burn some major calories, and aiming for 10 miles per week is an excellent way to accomplish your weight loss goals.

6) PREVENT HEALTH CONDITIONS:- Exercise combined with proper diet as part of a healthy lifestyle can help to prevent certain health conditions.  If you turn to walking as part of your healthy regimen, you can help in the prevention of high cholesterol and even cancer.  So walk to your health!

7) BUILDS UP THE ENERGY:- We all know that if you exercise, you will get instant energy.  If you work towards the goal of walking 10 miles per week, you will be amazed at the amount of energy it provides.  You will feel a natural energy that keeps you going all day long!

8) GOOD FOR GOAL BUILDING:- If you’ve always wanted to be better about exercise but were intimidated, use a regular walking regimen to help you create goals.  Working towards the goal of 10 miles of walking each week ensures that you have a realistic and very reachable goal for a solid week, and you may just build upon that as time goes on.

9) YOU CAN DO IT ANYWHERE:- Walking doesn’t require fancy equipment or a gym membership, because you can do it anywhere!  If it’s nice out, you can take your walks outside.  If the weather isn’t cooperating you can hit the mall.  There is always a way to walk it out!

10) KEEPS YOU HEALTHY:- If you want to look good, feel good, and stay healthy, then walking is an excellent way to do so.  Walking keeps you feeling good, helps to prevent you from getting sick, and ensures that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you needed a good reason to start a regular walking regimen, pick from any on the list.  Walking is an excellent form of exercise, and anybody can do it!  So try it out, keep with your goal, and see how regular walking can change your life.


M. Ward writes about how to get a BSN online.

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  1. says

    Walking is a great exercise that anyone can do. We really need to incorporate more walking into our lives. There are great walking workouts, and walking workouts you can escalate into jogging workouts, on Holosfitness.com. The site has hundreds of exercises and workouts listed with step-by-step instruction, all of which are posted for free.


    Tom Reply:

    Thanks for the great resource Greg.


  2. says

    I think most importantly walking prevent health conditions like heart disease and stroke. With the minimum effort you can maintain good health through all your life stages. So why people are still using cars to travel walking distance?


    Tom Reply:

    Totally agree Tomasz. The fact that some people use their cars to go down to the local shops or visit their close neighbours is quite amazing. Nice blog by the way.


  3. Steve Rogers says

    I am a sales rep and as a consequence I didn’t get much exercise as I sat at my desk, then sat in the car on the way to meetings, then sat a my client’s desk, then drove home, then sat at my desk again. I was getting bigger and bigger until one day I couldn’t do up my size 38 waist trousers and thought ‘NO! There’s NO WAY I’m going to buy a size 40 waist’. So I got in my car to measure a point 1 mile from my house. When I got back I walked to that point and back again and this really opened my eyes as to how unfit I was – I was knackered and my ankles were really hurting.

    I bought a pair of walking boots for support and kept up this 2 mile trip daily to such an extent that it became a doddle so I added another mile to the outward journey – doubling my walk to 4 miles. Well I got thoroughly sick of this same route so I got in my car to work our a circular route; it is 6.5 miles and this too became a doddle. I know have 3 circular routes, the longest of which is 12 miles which I do about once a fortnight. The weight came off and I’m in a size 32 waist. So yes – GET WALKING.


    Tom Reply:

    Wow. Fantastic story Steve. Well done for losing all that weight and getting back your fitness. I’m sure your comments will inspire many people to do the same.


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