10 Christmas Gifts With A Fitness Theme

10 Christmas Gifts With A Fitness Theme

With just under a month to go till Christmas you probably still have some Christmas shopping left to do.  If you are super organised then you may just need the odd thing or if like me you normally leave buying gifts till the last minute you probably need quite a bit more.  Today I am here to help with 10 Christmas gifts with a fitness theme.  Whether you are buying for a gym junkie or just trying to gently introduce a newbie to the world of fitness, you should be able to find the perfect Christmas fitness gift for them here.


FitDeck Bodyweight Cards.FitDeck is a unique deck of 56 exercise playing cards that can be topped up with 26 card booster decks.  The 56 card decks focus on bodyweight exercises such as yoga, pilates and stretching whilst the 26 card booster decks incorporate exercise equipment such as dumbbells and kettlebells.  Each card has three fitness levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced) making FitDeck an excellent Christmas gift for couch potatoes who are just starting out or hard core gym goers who want to mix up their workout routine.  FitDeck is also really simple to play and can be performed almost anywhere.  You just carry the cards with you and then when you get a spare moment shuffle them, pick one out and perform the exercise shown on the card.


A black gym bag.Do you have a friend who always loses their keys, iPod or phone in the gym?  Then why not get them a gym bag to keep all their stuff in one place?  Not only will it stop them losing their accessories but it will also make going to the gym much more practical as they can put all their gear in one bag.


A heart rate monitor.Heart rate monitors allow people to measure their heart rate at all times whether they are resting or exercising.  This makes them a great gift for people of all fitness levels who want a simple way to track the impact of their exercise routine.  Heart rate monitors show new starters whether their heart rate is improving as a result of exercise.  They are also compatible with most cardiovascular machines in the gym which is a great feature for any gym regulars.


A 6kg kettlebell.Kettlebells are cannonball shaped free weights that are similar to dumbbells.  However, unlike dumbbells (which focus on specific body part), kettlebells engage multiple muscle groups (particularly the core muscles) at once.  This makes them a great way to get a full body workout in a relatively short space of time.  Kettlebells are a great fitness gift for someone you are trying to introduce into the world of fitness or a more experienced gym goer who is looking for a new workout to try.


A pedometer.Pedometers count the number of steps taken during a specific period and many can also calculate distance covered and calories burned.  They are an excellent way for both new starters and regular gym goers to set themselves fitness targets.  New starters may want to set themselves a target of 1,000 steps a day whilst health concious individuals may use the pedometer to ensure that they burn at least 500 calories a day.


Slendertone System-Abs for Men.Slendertone System-Abs is an electronic abdominal toning belt that uses clinically proven electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) toning technology to exercise the abdominal muscles.  Whilst Slendertone System-Abs does not burn fat, it does tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles making it a perfect gift for the fitness enthusiast who just needs that final push to get six pack abs.


A black skipping rope.Skipping is an old school cardiovascular exercise which can burn up to 750 calories an hour.  Whilst it may not sound like a great gift, skipping ropes have come a long way since they first hit the market.  You can now get skipping ropes which talk to you, skipping ropes which measure the calories burned and more.  Plus, skipping is such a simple exercise that anyone can do it, making the skipping rope a perfect present for people of all fitness levels.


A 3 tiered steamer.When it comes to Christmas gifts with a fitness theme, exercise is the main focus.  However, healthy eating is just as important as regular exercise.  Steamers cook foods in a way that maintains most of the nutrients.  These nutrients are often lost through other cooking methods such as boiling and frying, making steamers an excellent addition to any kitchen.


A pair of weight lifting gloves.Weight lifting gloves are a simple but valuable gym accessory.  They allow the user to get a proper grip on the weights, reduce pressure on the hand and wrists and stop the weights from rubbing against the hand skin.  They are a perfect gift for a regular gym goer who has never got round to buying any gloves.

A Warrior yoga mat.Yoga mats allow individuals to exercise within the comfort of their own home.  This exercise does not have to be limited to yoga.  Yoga mats offer a high grip, well cushioned surface that lends itself to stretching, press ups, crunches and more.  So if you have a friend who complains that they cannot afford a gym membership this could be the perfect gift to get them started.


Christmas is normally a time when you expect fitness to take a back seat.  However, with these fitness themed Christmas gifts you can ensure that you, your family and friends do not completely forget about fitness during the festive period.  So have a browse of the gifts below and finish your Christmas shopping today.

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